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WPH is Melbourne/Naarm-based guitarist, improviser and composer Nathan Pilch. Pilch's practice exists in a hallowed and personal space, shifting constantly through this paradigm via a range of tonal permutations, always acting urgently toward true expression and improvisation.

Following his debut, a self-titled release on Melbourne/Naarm label Nice Music, two new self-released WPH offerings came in 2021. His 'II' LP containing four plaintive, pleading pieces for electric baritone guitar, delicately delivered at low dynamics. Then followed by the 'Twenty Minutes Of Blistering Power Jazz' cassette, offering just that - the perfect maximalist accompaniment to 'II', an ecstatic distorted flex, perfectly juxtaposed.

Pilch has performed alongside William Basinski, Lisa Lerkenfeldt and Andrew Tuttle, whilst having also formed epochal Australian death metal group Crypt in his native Brisbane/Meanjin.