Nice Music is a Melbourne/Naarm based label and collective founded in 2016. NM focuses on offering a varied field of unique artists from around Australia, often focusing on Melbourne/Naarm, with a cohesive platform of promotion and a considered aesthetic  presentation to accompany this work.

With around 40 releases to date, Nice Music has released work from some of Australia's most heralded experimental and uncategorisable electronic practitioners, including Fia Fiell, Alexander Garsden, Maria Moles, Makeda, Golden Syrup, MY DISCO, Nina Buchanan, Mark Groves, Various Asses, Francis Plagne, Simon J Karis and Low Flung.

NM has also expanded in 2021 to distribute EU labels Shelter Press and Black Truffle in Australia, as well as a number of other relevant items of interest on occasion. Available direct to consumer via nicemusiclabel.com, wholesale enquiries maybe be directed to nicemusiclabel@gmail.com.

The label began as an artist-dictated platform for under-represented un-categorisable music operating at the highest level ability and creativity, whilst finding a way to present it in as compelling a package as possible.

Simon J Karis is a Melbourne-based electronic composer, sound artist and label head of NM, with a thirst for presenting the best marginal electronic and experimental music Australia’s underground has to offer.