Pretty Boy Crossover 'Echoes In The Sound Mirror' CASSETTE/DIGITAL

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NM is pleased it announce the return of cult electronica duo Pretty Boy Crossover with their first new material in 15 years, 'Echoes In The Sound Mirror'.

Cailan Burns and Jason Sweeney first made an impact in 2000 with their acclaimed 'The Building and Formation' full length on Ian Hamilton, James Reid and Tim Koch's Surgery label, which introduced much of Adelaide's coy and abstract rhythms to the global audience of that era.
Since the 1990s they have toiled endlessly with different shapes, gestures and media for more than three decades. Through visual art, soundtracks and their own pursuits, both together and apart, their playful and gently exploratory spirit colours their weighty catalogue.

Following 2007's 'A Different Handwriting' on Sensory Projects, 'Echoes In The Sound Mirror' presents as a bouquet of ornate miniatures, however it's possible that fractally zooming out of its crevices of synth patter and blink-and-you-miss it melodic cycles, the intended notion of longform travelogue reveals itself. At once intimate in its ambience whilst spatial in its narrative, EITSM psychedelically motors through blossoming sequences, redacted beats and humid tonal work with lithe detail and care.

An intriguing place for new fans to begin following their appearance on Daisart's essential Australian ambient/experimental compilation from 2020 'Wound Without A Tear', or a welcome surprise to many after a long wait from Pretty Boy Crossover.

Mastered by Lawrence English.