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Nice Music presents the debut solo recording from ethnomusicologist, multi-instrumentalist and member of Melbourne/Naarm post-punk quartet Hexdebt, Isobel D'Cruz aka Hantu.

Carefully recorded and assembled in just one month following a year of global and internal uncertainty, 'Zither EP' flowers into life as a coy travelogue through lonely late nights and one's own inevitably distorted reflection. Its backbone a mellifluous interplay between kinetic field recordings and itinerant zither motifs, D'Cruz augments this story with bass, flute and additional production and instrumentation from Collected Dust.

A waterlogged, wordless dictaphone diary, flat on its back. A panorama from the hill at 5am, of what's not yet tomorrow.

Mastered by Guy Louis Faletolu.
releases August 24, 2022

Nice Music 2022
20 minutes