LOU 'Soundtrack' LP/DIGITAL

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NM presents 'Soundtrack', the second album from LOU (aka. Sarah Hardiman - ex-Deaf Wish, Moon Rituals, Brick Head). Taking huge leaps onward from the eternal glimpses of reduced rock washout on their much loved debut 'For The Morning' (2021), 'Soundtrack' offers us a more plaintive, intricate set of arrangements and unexpected instrumentation.

First and foremost a wildcard guitarist in the truest sense, Hardiman's sequencing on 'Soundtrack' sways between wicker basket/pastoral acoustic picking and talismanic, Florian Fricke-esque multitracked gestures. Occasionally this splices with coy percussion diversions and the occasional wigout, further dramatising 'Soundtrack's rolling imagined narrative.

There is indeed a clear call to the esperance and solemnity of classic Werner Herzog or Derek Jarman film soundtracks; a wildly unpredictable and invigorating step as LOU's second statement. Each track is nameless and simply numbered, signifying the comfortable reluctance of this music - wishing to find its place behind the foreground of a story, or indeed a film.

'Soundtrack' is deftly collected and played by Hardiman on guitars, synths and programming in their home studio, with contributions from guests Alice Gaynor (violin), Raven Mahon (saxophone) and Zena Dawson (banjo). Cover image by David Egan 'Slow Glass' (detail), courtesy of the artist.


Guitars, synths and programming by Sarah Hardiman

Violin by Alice Gaynor

Saxophone by Raven Mahon

Banjo by Zena Dawson


Cover painting by David Egan

Design by Carl Breitkreuz

Mixed and mastered by Mikey Young



44 minutes

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