Match Fixer 'Hits For The Bin' CD/DIGITAL

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NM is thrilled to announce the long awaited new full length release from Melbourne/Naarm-based producer Andrew Cowie as Match Fixer. Tantalising with a string of self-released tracks over the last 3 years and following the cloistered urgency of instant NM classic 'Attempts' (2017), 'Hits For The Bin' populates the glowing expanse of his sound world with restrained beat structures, cloaked in Cowie’s signature lush drift and squelched melodic riffing.

A foaming wave of relief when compared to the impenetrable, almost morose rhythmic complexities of 'Rubble' (self released, 2018) and closer in feel to his epochal Angel Eyes album ‘Final Fare’ (Bedroom Suck, 2013) or MF’s more recent ‘Via The Hedges’ (Happy Tapes, 2021), 'Hits...' breathes and radiates with a lungful of release, mercy and positivity. Not without its trepidation, his computations here describe imperfect states of mind, as heard through Cowie's canon - a wordless diary, a coded bearing of the soul, an unnamable feeling as an entire language system. Over 9 tracks, ‘Hits...’ tacitly coalesces these threaded notions, culminating in the blindsiding tantrums of final track, 'You'.

Strident and mysterious in its intent, yet hinting at self-deprecation in its title, 'Hits For The Bin' only just gets close enough to keep us glued to its veiled motions. Operating behind forcefields of mid-range colour and tuneful sub bass - the incongruous coolness of his structures often leaves us behind in Cowie’s exhaust, left grasping at the profound, building catalogue he’s invoked to date. 

released November 9, 2023

Nice Music 2023
34 minutes

Mastered by
Amir Shoat

Design by
Ryan Clover + SJK