Clinton Green 'Relativity/Only' LP/DIGITAL

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In conjunction with long-standing Australian outsider music label and mail order Shame File, Nice Music presents a new full length recording from Clinton Green.

'Relativity/Only' is Green's clearest refinement of the dutiful and curious work he has cultivated over several years in recording his gently automated percussion experiments. Green conjures a celestial zoom view of a very private cosmos, using turntables as a source of movement and various static or suspended instruments and repurposed objects, captured in a softly endless world of binaural ambience. Unable to repeat a single step or rhythm given the mostly hands off methods Green employs within simple physics and gravitational axioms, this pointillist approach to automatic composition almost relegates time or duration to redundancy. Encouraging the listener to either take in the view as a moment's glimpse or to become deeply engrossed in its crevices, Green's work offers as much or as little as the senses care to seek. Perhaps akin to watching a fireplace at night or witnessing ants marching through the grass.

Percussion ephemera recorded this quietly could indeed pass experientially as 'ambient music' at this point, but a rare kind in its strict absence of any electronic signal or sustained tones. And is ambient music dictated by how little it distracts the ear? Surely a misnomer if so. Green's loving supervision of these quietly magical instant compositions splays his work bewitchingly over many worlds of compositional reference; a spectral wonder given only the most skeletal elements do all the talking.

Clinton Green is a writer, researcher and legendary patron of Australian experimental and outsider music, as well as the founder of Shame File Music. He has released numerous solo and collaborative recordings both under his own name and as Undecisive God - find more at

For fans of Len Lye's surgical steel sculpture recordings and Han Bennink

Released March 4, 2021