Collector 'Prosthetic' CASSETTE/DIGITAL

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After several stunning releases to date on Night People, Beat Concern, Clan Destine and Altered States Tapes, Nice Music presents six new pieces from Newcastle's arcane auteur of heated synthesis, Collector aka Jason Campbell. 'Prosthetic' easily affords us Campbell's greatest production achievements to date, a gleaming chasm of sounds in crystalline focus - as the listener descends steadily into this space, faceted jewels of exquisitely austere sound design convolute with synth drama and urgent techno. Most importantly; although tension and visceral rhythmic intent colours this music profoundly, Campbell's obviously autodidactic creative process is the palpable spine of this music, balancing the mechanics or presentation of any clear genre references at every turn.

For fans of Vatican Shadow, Varg.

released January 10, 2020
Nice Music 2019
37 minutes