Horse Macgyver 'Deep Fakes' CASSETTE/DIGITAL

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Nice Music presents digital multimedia artist Timothy Dwyer's decade in-the-making debut album as Horse MacGyver, 'DEEP FAKES'. Rewiring the last 30 years of electronic music’s form and function through multi era-bridging hardware rigs, Dwyer has shared stages with an incongruous array of blown minds including Justice Yeldham, Low Life, Gabber Modus Operandi, Sun Araw, Lucy Cliché, Senyawa and more during this decade-long incubation. Beginning in Canberra’s divergent house party culture and partially within whatever the words ‘witch house’ came to mean, his music has seemingly navigated beyond trends or genre whilst being a constant light speed processing of them in 2019. There is an articulate, emotive and ultimately playful core powering Dwyer’s twisted rhythmic figures and melodies – ‘DEEP FAKES’ gives everything it has to the listener with an unhinged self awareness and charm, hooking even the most seasoned into whatever ride Dwyer seems to be on. Bright, robust and absolutely fucking cooked. For fans of Severed Heads, Plaid.

released August 30, 2019

Nice Music 2019
40 minutes