Thomas Hardisty 'Peace in the Plaza' LP/DIGITAL

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Nice Music presents the debut album proper from Melbourne's Thomas Hardisty, known for his varied and imaginative contributions to Nun, Constant Mongrel, Woollen Kits and more. Hardisty has quietly laboured on 'Peace In The Plaza' over the 2 years leading up to its release, taking time to channel the wordless profundity which fills this record in plumes of contemplative melody and warmth. His placid focus on understated expression on this recording seems to be fueled deeply by its decided concept; a study of the mind's quiet hours which bookend the working day's concerns. This essence slides glacially within a specific physical space, encapsulated entirely by the suburban valley in which Hardisty has found himself - Northcote's verdant suburban strips which back onto parkland and more namely, the somewhat notorious Northcote Plaza. The ghosts of concepts such as sobriety or daily responsibility linger with indolence in the distance while this music gives space to a purer consciousness, albeit within a commonly experienced inner city milieu. Hardisty wields the sleight of hand to animate this juxtaposition, intangibly and lovingly.

For fans of Hiroshi Yoshimura, Abul Mogard

Watch the video for 'Peace In The Plaza' by John Brooks

released August 15, 2019

Nice Music 2019
39 minutes