Match Fixer 'Attempts' CASSETTE/DIGITAL

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Andrew Cowie of Angel Eyes (Bedroom Suck, Not Not Fun) brings new material as Match Fixer to Nice Music for the first release proper under this name on 'Attempts' - four epic dialogues dense with the weight of information, experience and tumult. Cowie's frantic tempos affectingly mimic the relentlessness of time passing in the modern age, unforgiving and mechanically moving forward despite the emotional distraction emanating from its core. Impossibly forlorn synth pads routinely swell and warble into an oppressively thick smog and drain away from the cusp of overload when it's almost too much hurt to handle. This is the sound of life simply moving; the abstracts of crushing grief and unspeakable joy hang massively overhead at all times through this indelible accumulation of memory, transcending the mundane actions of every day by retrospectively contextualising a common life, piece by piece. For fans of Autechre, Abul Mogard.

released September 1, 2017

Nice Music 2017
27 minutes