Cooper Bowman 'Arid Fault' CASSETTE/DIGITAL

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What happens when you successfully channel the outside world away and find the nothingness/space which you perceived that you require? How do you feel and what are your thoughts when all you are left with is the self you've gradually conditioned to accommodate Earth 2017, muscular and synaptic architecture sturdily in place with nothing to do anymore? When there's no line left between outside and inside, all there is to do is walk around. On his debut for Nice Music 'Arid Fault', Melbourne's Cooper Bowman (head of Altered States Tapes) continues on through the ambient wasteland recently carved out on ventures under his own name, in between jaunts through fried arp riffage and steely synthetic rhythms as Roman Nails (Where To Now, Night People, Future Archaic, Rhythm Works). Exquisitely deconstructed melodic figures adorn this endless horizon, their wreckage urbane and inviting in their quietude; naturally occurring floral shapes soothe across the flats with near perfect punctuation. Nothing grows here but nothing changes either, 'Arid Fault' is a static cycle in which time itself ceases with a sandy gust of relief.

For fans of Robert Turman, The Nightcrawlers.


released September 1, 2017

Nice Music 2017
27 minutes