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Nice Music is pleased to present the first release from young Melbourne-based producer Asher Elazary, aka R Hunter. Following a virtuosic background in trained guitar and composition, he has rapidly progressed towards a voracious need to create without discernible reference, regardless of chosen sound palette or platform. On 'Estrus', Elazary plumbs the world of software synthesis and sound manipulation with almost unhinged conviction, ability and profundity, forging a dystopian and at times hellish form of sound collage miasma, flourished with wildly engaging techno constructs throughout. The scope of imagery here is dauntingly massive - microdosing LSD as hell slowly creeps toward Earth's crust in various forms, the blurred lines of work and pleasure realities grinding the 21st century middle class into constant escapism, the constant threat and thrill of technology advancing faster than we are able to understand it and its implications. Literally mind melting. For fans of Lee Gamble, Giacinto Scelsi.

released November 20, 2016

Nice Music 2016
38 mins