Various Asses 'Loción' CASSETTE/DIGITAL

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Nice Music proudly presents the marauding debut release from Various Asses. Melbourne's Raquel Solier has incongruously created a terrifying new variety of mean, hi-sheen bass music. Bent trap, obnoxious rhythm workouts and frantic house literally seethe at you from the speakers, both on 'Loción' or when one bears witness to the convulsive pummel of her live show. Fractured vocal samples snap from all angles throughout, punctuating dense waves of meticulously sculpted sound, designed to both make you move and scare the living shit out of you. There is a hyper aware level of conceptual processing and blindingly precise execution at play here, both of which show a level of sophistication and creative ambition not often seen in many producers within these realms. For fans of Amnesia Scanner, Ital Tek.

released November 20, 2016

Nice Music 2016
25 mins