Nina Buchanan 'Sunk' CASSETTE/DIGITAL

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Debut release of hi-res, bare bones hardware techno from Melbourne-based synthesis explorer Nina Buchanan. Parallel to creating woozy extended synth pop jams in duo Video Ezy (Paradise Daily) as well as pushing dynamic textural noise forms into unique shapes in UTI (duo with Maya Kjellstrand of Bleach Boys, Leopard Leg), Buchanan has arrived at a precision nexus of brutalist techno and a truly uplifting style of ecstatic melodic synth riffage. Conjuring thick atmospheres and tonalities with almost blu-ray levels of vibrancy is perhaps in essence attributable to the simplicity of her chosen elements; 1 synth, 1 drum machine - the rest is purely incendiary sparks, resonating brightly in the spaces in between. For fans of Helena Hauff, Regis, Nitzer Ebb.

released November 20, 2016

Nice Music 2016
30 mins