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Melbourne's Jim Sellars (formerly Electric Sea Spider) brings us a massive, writhing statement in rhythm as Hyde after recording for labels This Thing and Proemial. Somersaulting through the turbulent wreckage of millenial abstract beat music, Sellars is on an unflinching journey to carve his own path, led there purely by an impulse to innovate rather than explore genre or temporality. Bulging with infinite nuggets of information and boundless multiculti vibrance, 'Ox Hill''s mercurial nature evades categorisation and instead simply beams a fluid current of post-modern abstract beat structure directly into our flurried 21st century lobes. Fruity percussion samples and multi-influence guitar/bass jabs skate furiously around widescreen smears of texture and playful melody, impossibly creating dazzling space to fall into where there perhaps should be none. Music for the booty of the brain, smoke up! For fans of Arca, Tom Zé.

released November 20, 2016

Nice Music 2016
25 mins