Sweet Whirl 'O.K. Permanent Wave' CASSETTE/DIGITAL

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Best known as vocalist/keyboardist for Melbourne's sublime slo-mo pop duo Superstar (Fire, Bedroom Suck), Esther Edquist steps out for her first solo release as Sweet Whirl for Nice Music. Utilising just electric bass and vocals, 'O.K. Permanent Wave' is a wandering late night reading of Edquist's songbook, recorded live somewhere close to the Friday night streets of Melbourne as she rambles freely through undefined song structures housing her distinct tales of discontent, loss, romance and meaning. Through the distinct and dusty air of late 20th century Americana and legacies of various 90s/grunge era songwriters, Edquist looms brightly with her own voice and storytelling ability, coloured intimately by her personal witness and experience. For fans of Grouper, Chris Isaak.

released November 20, 2016

Nice Music 2016
43 mins