Max Kohanim 'Dye Kruzin' CASSETTE/DIGITAL

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Max Kohanim (aka. Max Kohane, Max Crumbs, Mas Kohane, Crumbs, et al) is known by many names whilst wearing various hats in and out of Melbourne's music scene - playing drums at breakneck speeds in punk/grind/metal acts Agents Of Abhorrence and Cut Sick! amongst a slew of others, as well as his piano-grind duo Pivixki with composer Anthony Pateras, not to mention spectacularly fronting grind trio Internal Rot on vocals.

On his own, Max has honed an ecstatic stream of consciousness method of operating within playful sample work, giving rise to his distinctly flamboyant production tendencies on the fringes of hip hop and beat creation.

'Dye Kruzin' is perhaps more aptly titled than one might initially think - not only does it reflect the melding of his multiple realms of expertise, but it is itself a leisurely top-down rattle through a tripped out, kaleidoscopic beatstream, rolling high without a care in the fuckin world.


Released May 20, 2016

Music by Max Kohane

Cover image by Simon J Karis



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