Fia Fiell 'A Hair A Heap' CASSETTE/DIGITAL

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Debut release from Melbourne electronic composer Fia Fiell, aka Carolyn Schofield (Rolling Mass). Schofield combines her profound practical and theoretical chops as a pianist/composer with a most modern and perceptive ear for stretching out the orbit of millennial electronic music constructs. This first effort was recorded in early 2014 and is comprised of heavily, if not wholly improvised arrangements - Schofield has an unnatural knack for wielding the hi-res vapour clouds which form and nebulize around uneasy chords and melodic cycles, perhaps conjuring a notion of childlike wonderment and trepidation in the face of an unmapped universe around us.

released May 20, 2016

music by Carolyn Schofield
cover image by Carolyn Schofield

Nice Music 2016