Papaphila '4 Animals Dream Of A Shadow' CASSETTE/DIGITAL

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Fjorn is a consistently adventurous, irreverent and unflappable creative force within and beyond her hometown, Melbourne. As Oranj Punjabi she has released some exceptional material on Tristes Tropique, Mazurka Editions and Altered States Tapes and joyously obliterated new paths in her trio Gurner with Emma Albury (Eko Eko Azarak, Leopard Leg) and Sharryn Koppens (Dick Threats). Since switching focus to her Papaphilia pseudonym and releasing 'Defeating The Animal' on the iconic Future Archaic label, Fjorn has fleshed out an already unhindered palette into an impossibly unique creative voice, which continues to morph with gruesome beauty before our very ears on '4 Animals Dream Of A Shadow' - stoned plagues of writhing samples smear themselves wildly against waves of backwashed synths and deep harmonics, pointillist bloops and ghostly rhythmic chatter. '4 Animals...' is beholden to a deeply psychedelic connection with the natural world which we can never understand in a literal sense, proclaiming this fug as the space in which we exist, contrasting profoundly with it for better or worse.

released May 20, 2016

written, recorded, mixed & mastered by Fjorn Butler, November 2014 to March 2016
cover image by Fjorn Butler

Nice Music 2016