Joe Talia + Andrew Chalk/Hanna Chetwin/Francis Plagne 'Split' CASSETTE/DIGITAL

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Melbourne’s Joe Talia is one of the most respected, able and creative players in Australia’s adventurous music community – as a drummer/percussionist he has played perhaps most notably in recent times in the evolving collaborative piece ‘Knots’ with Oren Ambarchi, as well as within his ongoing and influential role in Francis Plagne’s stunning backing ensemble alongside James Rushford, Judith Haman and Alex Garsden, among others. As a sound recordist/engineer he has explored new territory tirelessly in collaboration with many like-minded operators, all the while refining his ultimately unique approach to sound design and capture. ‘12th Exit’ is a mystifying and magical circular drift through a cumulus realm of tones and obscured familiarity. Its skewed environmental constructions are as comforting as they are confounding as the 12 minute piece shifts its way through a spectacularly sedated fug.

Andrew Chalk is an undisputed peerless figurehead of quiet music and pastoral drone. Based in Hull, England he operates his own music/art imprint Faraway Press, home to much of his prolific output both alone and with an array of collaborators. The aforementioned Francis Plagne has made a name with 4 albums swinging between songwriting and a variety of other approaches, including group improvisation, instrumental abstraction and domestic musique concrète. Hanna Chetwin is an Australian filmmaker who works in experimental film. Her films have been included in numerous festivals, including the Florida Experimental Film Festival (FLEX) and the Melbourne FF (both 2015) and she has had collaborative work made with film lab Artist Film Workshop screened at the MCA in Sydney, AIEFF and Slopes Gallery, Melbourne (all 2014). This one off collaborative session took place at Chalk’s home in 2013, in which a beautifully raw and unadorned performance from all three players glides effortlessly through a subconscious micro-verse of delicately mixed acoustic interplay and blissfully submerged drones. 

released May 20, 2016

side a
Joe Talia

side b
Andrew Chalk
Hanna Chetwin
Francis Plagne
Recorded in Hull, 2013

cover image by Andrew Chalk

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