Bad Ambulance 'Intel 95' CASSETTE/DIGITAL

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NM is thrilled to present 7 tracks of variegated juke complexities and dismantled electro/breaks concepts from Naarm/Melbourne's Bad Ambulance (Jack Palmer). 'Intel 95' smashes boiled vocal fragments to powder over carefully cadenced chrome-plated rhythm networks and fluorescent synth tonality, pushed to obliteration inside the gleaming atmos of Palmer's spacious production gulfs.

Opening with the ostentatious cyborg poetry and never-ending knife edge triplets of 'Intel 95's title track, Palmer's obsession with fuelling the whirring turbine heart of this release is crystal clear. Whilst drawing lines through recognisable bass music forms, the heft of the Bad Ambulance dramaturgy swings hard enough into possessed outer-zones to constantly surprise and illuminate a synesthetic imagination. 'Future Ghost' plots sinewy shards of voice and sound ephemera as molecules into a centrifugal drug fog, 'Poison Is Medicine’s ciphered WWI combat medic manual plays out over paranoid synth dissonance and spiralling percussion, whilst the strict tethering of 'Trick' in its early stages blindsides us when its urgency snaps the leash in climax mid-track, before galloping into the distance to leave us in a virulent iridescence where it once stood.

'Intel 95' circles Palmer's interactions with computer music - reconsidering the under-resourced childhood awe of VGA screen promises as a millennial, whilst confronted with questions around the compositional capacities of how we feed ideas to modules in 2024's exploded tech dimensions.

Mastered by Guy Faletolu.

released May 21, 2024

34 minutes
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