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NM presents its third release of 2020, the second release from NKDX - the duo of Nicholas Kuceli (Gaud, Repairs) and Dan Stewart (Total Control, Straightjacket Nation). 

Following their Paradise Daily debut in 2018, 'A Drive With NKDX' is a cooked travelogue of night time imagery, perceived outside but retold on the inside relentlessly, mulched until only partially recognisable. Idiosyncratic in its warped construction, the melded minds of Kuceli and Stewart worm endlessly, playfully around the bitumen biodome they've created, where urban concretè captures interact kinetically with the tap and squelch of overheard techno parameters, wobbling through the air at low atmosphere. All this whilst floating around the ears like a weedcloud escaping out the window of a hotted up hatch back, stopped at the lights with 2 or more shadowed faces probably having more fun than you.

For fans of Robert Ashley, Ron Morelli.

Released June 9, 2020