Grand Salvo 'Slay Me in My Sleep' LP

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The Preservation label presents Slay Me In My Sleep, the sixth album from Melbourne’s Grand Salvo. Under the guise of Grand Salvo, Paddy Mann has established himself as a songwriter of unique heart and soul with a depth of lyricism matched by a warm but widescreen musical vision. 2009’s Soil Creatures sealed his reputation, being his most stark and concise statement yet. With Slay Me In My Sleep, Mann has crafted a song cycle narrative similar to his epic fairytale from 2008, Death. An exploration of time and memory, it is a tale of star-crossed lovers. A delinquent boy breaks into an old woman’s home and discovers an antique photo of a girl, instantly falling in love. When he returns again for the photo the old woman is waiting, and so it begins... Set to expansive and joyous instrumentation, Slay Me In My Sleep is a lavishly decorated and unabashed romantic melodrama. Intricate percussion, harp, recorder and woodwind play to the quick, restless pulse of youth, while in the sparer settings cello, gentle guitar and delicate piano reflect the melancholy of old age and longing. Slay Me In My Sleep also marks the first use of an electric guitar in any Grand Salvo recording. Slay Me In My Sleep was largely recorded and co-produced in Berlin by composer Nils Frahm, who has worked extensively with other singular artists such as Peter Broderick and Greg Haines. Frahm's exquisite piano work appears throughout, alongside vocal contributions by Heather Woods Broderick, Laura Jean and Luluc’s Zoe Randall. After the masterful Soil Creatures, Paddy Mann has once again extended himself on Slay Me In My Sleep, telling a tale of strange love with vivid detail, whimsy and beauty, in the special way only he knows how.