Cloistral Sorrow 'Cloistral Sorrow' CASSETTE

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*SHIPPING 24TH MAY 2023* Nice Music is pleased to present the self-titled debut from Melbourne/Naarm-based duo James Rushford and Harriet Morgan as Cloistral Sorrow - a hallowed set of home-made hymns and pastoral performances. Fans of Morgan's work as autobiographical extreme noise artist Military Position and Rushford's slew of compositional offerings across labels such as Shelter Press, Unseen Worlds, Black Truffle et al may be blindsided by this startling and at times moving leap into traditional song form; gesturing at synthwave, wry medieval pop and radio days romance. Rushford and Morgan's poetic musical sensibility, solicitous vocals and undeniable hook writing paint a world of wistful confusion, tears and memories that will melt the most savage hearts. credits releases June 1, 2023 nicemusic050 Nice Music 2023 31 minutes Performed & written by Harriet Morgan & James Rushford Percussion by Dylan Lieberman Mixed by Joe Talia Mastered by SJK Thank you Mantlepiece Dweller Cuppy Housebound Horatio Dustbuster